FREE GIVEAWAY: Membership to "Dating and Sex After Trauma" Webinar


Therapist Traci Medeiros-Bagan will be doing a webinar next Tuesday (May 22, 2018) called "Dating and Sex After Trauma" through Everyday Feminism. The 90-minute webinar will be recorded live at 1230pm PST and available for download to those who cannot make the live session. 

"Trauma can literally change our physiology in ways that make our bodies and brains believe that we are living in the past. It organizes our lives from a place of defense and survival, and relinquishes our right to joy and thriving."

This quote from Traci's workshop summary really resonated with me and I thought about how many of us have experienced trauma in some form or have been in relationship to someone with trauma. The topic of trauma is vast and there are only 90 minutes here, but Traci does a great job giving us a primer on trauma and sharing helpful tools we can use in our lives. 

I realize that not everyone might have the financial ability to take this course (FYI: It's $35 online, or receive 15% off if you use coupon code DST384 during checkout), so on behalf of Ikigai Marketing, I'd like to do a giveaway for (1) free membership to Traci's webinar on Tuesday. The membership includes access to the webinar (live or available to watch at a later date, plus some really helpful handouts included with the course). 

All you have to do is enter your information below - this is basically so I am able to purchase the membership and forward the login info to you. You won't be added to any mailers or anything (unless you'd like to be) - this is just a small way in which I'd like to offer some resources to my community.  <3