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2017 XBIZ Trans Performer of the Year Reigns Supreme
by Shawn Alff

It’s easy to see Aubrey Kate now — the modelesque, blonde bombshell — and dismiss her recent awards in the erotic arts as inevitable. It’s easy to say that she was simply born with something other models weren’t, like her photogenic physique and a preternatural ability to hold the camera’s gaze. The story of Kate’s success, however, is no fairytale, but one of a long process of transformation.

Kate grew up in the 1990s in California, splitting her days between attending school in Corona, California, and spending her free time in Laguna Beach. From an early age Kate was aware of her gender dysphoria. She had an insatiable desire for all things pretty and pink: lip gloss, makeup and Barbies. Kate kept her hair in a ponytail and wore her aunt’s high school cheer uniform and gymnastics leotard every day, often under her school clothes.

“A lot of my Southern California family was very supporting and accepting of me,” Kate said, “though I do remember a few fights about letting me play with ‘girl’ toys and playing dress up.”

Outside of school Kate devoted herself to the performing arts.

“Gymnastics and Irish dance were my life growing up,” Kate said. “When I was eight I started performing professionally. I would do a lot of shows at the House of Blues with an Irish band called Fenianian.”

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This is just an excerpt from Shawn Alff's awesome profile on Aubrey Kate in the latest issue of XBIZ! Read more [here].

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