Amarna Miller

AVN 2017: Still Recovering

Credit: Dev Grooby

Credit: Dev Grooby

This post is obviously very very late, but I had such a good time at AVN that I didn't want to skip it.  

AVN is a marathon. I am an introverted hermit most of the year and then AVN comes around and I have to socialize/network/talk to people for hours upon hours. I also drink more than I have throughout the entire year combined. With a bit of hand sanitizer and some deep breaths thanks to Fran, I survived all of the craziness. 

All in all, it was a really busy week. I moderated a really awesome trans panel with Aubrey Kate, Foxxy, Natalie Mars, and Stefani Special at the Joint. I also participated on an interesting panel on being a woman in the industry moderated by one of my all-time favorites, Chauntelle Tibbals, and spoke with some really kick-ass women (Kay Brandt, Bree Mills, and Angela White). Thank you so much to Sharan Street for thinking I was worthy enough to be included on this panel of female all-stars. 

Enough blabbing for me. This is really just an excuse to share my pictures :D