XBIZ 2017

XBIZ 2017 Re-Cap: Unreal

I've had a couple of weeks to let the craziness of XBIZ and AVN 2017 finally set in. I had a quiet moment this afternoon where I was able to sift through my photos and I saw one taken of me at XBIZ's 2017 Industry Exec Awards.

See how weird I look in that picture above? I mean, this is a different type of weird rather than my usual weird self.  Here, I'm overwhelmed with excitement - in fact, I still can't believe I won. The last time I won something, I'm pretty sure I was still in high school.  Thank you to XBIZ and for those who voted for me (on purpose and on accident)! I am floored. 

For me, XBIZ marks the beginning of the crazy conference season. It goes XBIZ, then AVN, and then finishing up with the TEAs. Then I sleep for a week. This year was no exception, Dan (Sparky Snakeden) and I were running all week networking, trying to sit-in on workshops, and taking meetings. 

We did our usual Trans State of the Union roundtable moderated by Steven Grooby as part of XBIZ's conference. We had so many amazing people from our industry come and contribute to the conversation. As always, it was a very lovely and humbling experience for me. 

Anyway! Just wanted to share some of my favorites picture from that week! XBIZ often feels like the first reunion of the year.