Will Havoc Discusses International Whores' Day and FOSTA/SESTA

I was on set with Will Havoc for a secret project (shhhh!) and we had a bit of time to chat during setup. We talked about numerous things (stay tuned for the video on that), but for now, I wanted to share our chat about International Whores' Day tomorrow and the implications of FOSTA/SESTA. 

Want to learn more about the legislation? Check out

Cool Rider by Hudsy Hawn

I vowed at the beginning of 2018 to do 30 days of music where I'd play one song a day. I realized about two weeks into the project that it was a bit short-sighted of me to start it in the middle of the busiest time of my work year. 

Then something magical happened, my friend Hudsy Hawn. She breathed some new life into my dorky little passion project and here we are today! 

By the way, if you're in LA, be sure to check out Hudsy's one-woman musical memoir, From Vanilla to Kink, playing on April 29th at the Colony Theatre in Burbank, CA. I saw an early version of the show and it blew me away. Hudsy is a damn amazing singer and a force of nature.

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