Erosscia is committed to advancing sexual freedom by providing safe, affordable and social acceptable sex toys that elevate the image of our industry. We want you to create your own playful sexual expression. Beyond playful we want you to be safe. We put your well being first. All our products are not just body safe, they are constructed to meet FDA Class II standards as a device for obstetrical and gynecological therapeutic use.You want to use your products wherever you want, including contact with mucus membranes. In addition to being non-porous, Erosscia products are is certified as safe when coming into contact with these membranes.

Please see our section on CARE and USE, yet know that when used according to guidance, Erosscia products are your gateway to a carefree and sensational sexual experience.

We also are committed to giving back and support our communities. Beyond our work to help individuals challenged with sexual satisfaction and expression like those suffering from such disabling conditions like MS and cancer, we contribute to support sexual expression and freedom. Soxiante9 donates 6% of pretax profit to support these non-profit causes.


Erosscia was born out the embarrassment of having one too many suitcase inspections where our toys were on full display at the airport. Born from the frustration of batteries that ran low or gave out mid-climax. From the awkwardness of inadvertently leaving the vibrator on the nightstand to have our kid asking about it. The cheap feel and industrial nature of many sex toys was a turn-off, not a turn-on, and didn’t resonate with our idea of what a pleasure product should be. So we set out to create an affordable, elegantly discrete and portable lifestyle product offering mind-blowing erotic sensations.

From many experiments that created more mess all than product, Soixante9 Development Group Inc was launched bringing creative, fun, innovative toys using medical-grade, health-conscious materials exceeding the standards you demand for your body. From concept to design and execution, the ultimate goal – guided and confirmed by intimate focus groups – was to ensure products that go far beyond consumer expectations. The result is an unprecedented product that brings toe-curling orgasmic pleasure.

Enjoy Erosscia! We look forward to meeting you and hearing how you redefined pleasure.

Genoa & Steffan

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