"Kristel has a wealth of insight into the adult industry, and her feedback and suggestions will help me find a niche in this industry that is tailored to my strengths and long-term career goals.  Though much of her experience is through Grooby Productions, Kristel was very frank about advising a route that would be best for my interests, regardless of the companies I might involve myself with.

The consultation was very stress-free and enjoyable.  A questionnaire was sent out prior so no time was wasted in getting started, but the meeting also never felt rushed.  Kristel took the time to ensure all my questions were answered and let me know that if any follow up thoughts arose afterwards I could reach out to her.  I left the consult with a new "big picture" focus for myself, as well as a list of more discrete tasks to work on to accomplish that larger goal.

The adult industry can be daunting, especially for someone completely new to the business, and prior to contacting Kristel I had already made a few missteps on my career.  Having the ethical and experienced guidance offered at Ikigai is invaluable to anyone serious about the adult industry, and I walked away from my consult with a much clearer picture of where I wanted to go and what I would have to do to get there." -Natalie Chen