With nearly 10 years experience in both adult and mainstream marketing, Ikigai Marketing + PR offers a wide array of services to strengthen your brand and ensure your personal and professional goals are in alignment with each other.


For new business owners or those starting out in the adult industry, an initial consultation is a must to creating a marketing strategy that is both successful and in-line with your personal and professional ikigai.  

Consultations can be done in person (if you're in the LA area), via Skype, email, or a combination of different formats depending on your needs. In preparation for your consultation, we'll send you a questionnaire to get a better understanding of your professional and personal goals. We will use this information to tailor a strategy that works for you. 

"Ikigai" Business Consultation  (1-hour session)

We believe that success is the most attainable and sustainable when it reflects a person's larger purpose in life. Our "Ikigai" Business Consultation is purpose-driven, which means the business advice outlined here is informed by the answers compiled from our introductory questionnaire with a life-coaching lens. 

Note: Business consultations can be bundled together into multiple sessions (for example, weekly consultations + check-ins) to ensure your business is on the most efficient path for success. Contact directly for pricing. 


This is our standard offered package. After completing the initial consultation (note: the consultation fee will be applied to your first month if sign with us), we will create a marketing strategy and schedule for you. Standard services include: press release writing, feature/pitch writing to media outlets, social media strategy, prepping for interviews and appearances, and more. Each client's package will be customized to their own needs. 

For example, some clients want help setting up their online presence + business (i.e. social media, affiliate blogging, personal store, interviews). Others want advice on how to navigate the adult industry,  schedule management, and brand building. 

This package does not include separate life coaching. 

Contract minimum is 3 months. Contact directly for pricing.



For clients who want help with their copywriting and press, we can write and distribute press releases on your behalf to all relevant media outlets and cross-posted on social media (where appropriate). 

Separately, we provide copywriting and copyediting services for both mainstream and adult content. Cost is dependent on project size. Contact directly for pricing.