Lydia Dupra

Sex-Worker-Friendly Business Directory,, Officially Launches

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LOS ANGELES, CA - Adult industry entrepreneur and retired sex worker Lydia Dupra announced the launch of her groundbreaking site,, a business directory for sex-worker-friendly companies.

“We have needs just like every other human, but finding resources safely can be an issue,” said Swizzness founder Lydia Dupra. “Swizzness will happily serve a sex worker without judgment.” is a free website that lists sex-worker-friendly businesses, such as companies that offer healthcare, beauty services, financial services, and more. Dupra’s intention was to create an online directory where fellow sex workers could easily find businesses that served their community. Follow Swizzness on Twitter at @Swizzness.

Adult-friendly businesses that want to be added to the directory can learn more at


Lydia Dupra is an adult industry entrepreneur and mentor currently based in Los Angeles, CA. She is known for her luxury model house and popular web series, The Doll House, featuring her supergroup of adult models known as “The Lydia Dolls.” The show is The Heaux Network’s first reality show and can be watched at Visit her official website at

Dupra is the author of nine books and the founder of The Heaux app, The Heaux Network, Lydia Doll Cams,, and She is also the newly appointed Director of Outreach at APAC. Follow her on Instagram at @TheHeauxMentor.