Dr. Hernando Chaves Appears on ‘Sluts & Scholars’ Podcast


LOS ANGELES, CA - Today on sex-positive podcast Sluts & Scholars, co-hosts Nicoletta and Simone chat with sex therapist and educator Dr. Hernando Chaves. The episode is now available for download at iTunes and Spotify.

“Hernando is a colleague and friend who I greatly trust and admire,” said co-host Nicoletta. “I am so excited to share his perspectives and wisdom with our listeners.”

In the most recent episode, What is Your Therapist Thinking? with Dr. Hernando Chaves, the slutty scholars catch up with sex therapist and educator Dr. Hernando Chaves. He educates listeners about early and delayed ejaculation, what your therapist thinks about you, mindful sex, and more. Nicoletta and Hernando also discuss what therapy/internship training is like, sex toy recommendations, sex surrogates, and more. To download this episode and others, visit SlutsandScholars.com.

Dr. Hernando Chaves is a sex therapist and educator who teaches at both Orange Coast College and Pepperdine University. Follow him on Twitter at @Hernando_Chaves.


Nicoletta Heidegger is the founder and co-host of the popular Sluts & Scholars podcast where she discusses sex, dating, current affairs, politics, and more. Past guests include Dita Von Teese, Nina Hartley, Jessica Drake, Blair Williams, Hudsy Hawn, Dr. David Ley, and most recently Sasha Grey. She is also a registered Marriage and Family Therapy Associate based in LA and hosts a YouTube series called Staying On Top where she shares the latest sex facts, education, and research.

In addition to her podcast and work as a therapy associate, Heidegger has contributed to The Stanford Daily, Vice, Playboy Radio’s Swing with Holli & Michael, Rebecca Zahler’s Don’t Waste Your Pretty podcast, Karen Lee Poter’s Sex Talk with My Mom, Dr. Wendy Walsh, and The Positive Results Corporation.

To learn more about Nicoletta Heidegger, visit her official website at Nicolettavheidegger.com. You can also follow her on Twitter at @MsHeidegger and @slutsscholars.