Hudsy Hawn Scheduled as Special Guest Mistress at The Dominion this Friday


Los Angeles, CA - Well-known BDSM educator and professional Domme Hudsy Hawn is scheduled as The Dominion’s special guest Mistress this Friday, April 20, from 12-8pm only.

“Whenever I've got an itch to scratch (someone), I return to The Dominion,” Hudsy Hawn teased. “But seriously, I just always have so much fun with my fellow sisters of kink. Their amazing clients and staff make Lady Hillary's House the best place to play in LA.”

The Dominion is located at 8875 Venice Blvd, Los Angeles, CA, 90034,  in a Tudor-style building in West Los Angeles. To book a session with Hudsy Hawn, call The Dominion at 310-204-6777. Reservations are limited.

Hudsy Hawn is a well-known TV and internet BDSM Educator, professional Domme, and Lifestyle Coach with 13 years of experience. She has appeared in Buzzfeed’s "The Try Guys TRY BDSM,” Playboy Radio, The Jason Ellis Show, Straight Talk with Ross Mathews, Cosmopolitan & Playboy, the E! Special “The Real 50 Shades of Grey,” and A&E’s Storage Wars. Visit her official website at or follow her on Twitter @HudsyHawn.

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