Jupiter's Slut Releases Autobiography, Masturbation Monday: A Shameless Experiment in Self-Love

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NEW YORK CITY, NY - Humorist and adult star Jupiter’s Slut released her first book, Masturbation Monday: A Shameless Experiment in Self-Love. It is now available for purchase at

“The first question I always get is ‘why do you call yourself a slut?’” says author Jupiter’s Slut. “I call myself a slut because I was so shocked and ashamed by how much I liked making out with boys in high school that I started thinking of myself as a slut before I even lost my virginity. I’m reclaiming the word. For me, it means Shameless, Luminous, Untamed, Truth. I’m not ashamed of my truth anymore, I love sex. But that doesn’t mean sex is easy for me.”


“In particular, masturbation made me feel bad up until starting this project,” she adds, “Facing my masturbation demons was the impetus for the book. I wanted to document and examine pleasure and shame, so I filmed myself masturbating once a week for a year. During the entire filming process I continued to think this was a project about sexuality, but in writing the book I discovered this was a spiritual experience. I had deeply rejected myself as a woman and a sexual being based on the teachings of my church. I wrote this book as an act of unconditional love, the kind of love that's willing to look at the worst shame and accept it all. Self-love is sold as some airy-fairy thing, but what about those parts of yourself you wish didn't exist? How do you deal with those? That's what I've tackled in the realm of my sex life with Masturbation Monday.”

Jupiter admits she was ashamed of masturbation when she first started filming herself as research for her book. Jupiter’s candid, sometimes hilarious, and insightful true life story will resonate with readers from all walks of life. Masturbation Monday: A Shameless Experiment in Self-Love is an exploration of layers and layers of self-love through dissecting her own troubled relationship to the most literal act of self-love: masturbation.

She explains, “I hope ‘Masturbation Monday’ gives women wildly explicit permission to accept and love themselves in new ways, in every area of their lives. Masturbating was the easy part. Becoming a woman who can speak publicly about sex was the hard part, but I want to live in a world where a woman is safe to speak. How can we expect survivors to speak up when they’ve been harmed, when a strong woman can’t speak up when she’s in good health. Sexual shame hurts us all, and our silence hurts victims of sexual assault most. Sexual abuse festers in the dark and the silence, from the Vatican to Hollywood. De-stigmatizing sex makes the world a safer place, the best way to de-stigmatize it is to talk about it. And I do that in ‘Masturbation Monday’ with a delightful dash of humor, and a bit of naughty intellect.

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Jupiter’s Slut is a writer, humorist, and accidental porn star. She prides herself on her fluency with the two scariest words in the American dialect: math and porn.

She is best known for a personal masturbation research project that turned her into an indie feminist porn producer. She fell in love with producing her unique brand of comedic porn and left her career as a middle school math teacher.

For the first thirty years of her life, Jupiter was math phobic and sexually repressed. Change in both areas of her life stemmed from stepping closer to her fears and pursuing joy. Through her work, she gives others the permission to play and the tools to revise their lives.

Jupiter’s new book, Masturbation Monday is now available for purchase at You can find out more about Jupiter at, Twitter @jupitersslut, Instagram @jupitersslutpower.