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Sexologist and ‘Sluts & Scholars’ Podcaster Nicoletta Heidegger Signs with Ikigai Marketing

Los Angeles, CA -  Acclaimed Sluts & Scholars podcast co-host and sexologist Nicoletta Heidegger signed with Ikigai Marketing + PR, naming Kristel Penn as her official publicist.

”It is refreshing to find such a sex-positive, kind, and dedicated publicist,” said Nicoletta Heidegger. “I am so looking forward to growing together and to create even more accessible approaches to sexual education, health, and pleasure!”

“I first heard about Nicoletta through her podcast, Sluts & Scholars,” added Kristel Penn. “I was immediately drawn in and loved how engaging she was with her guests. Her work to encourage shame-free conversations about sexual wellness and its many facets is very much needed in our society. ”

Heidegger is the founder and co-host of the popular Sluts & Scholars podcast where she discusses sex, dating, current affairs, politics, and more. Past guests include Dita Von Teese, Nina Hartley, Jessica Drake, Blair Williams, Hudsy Hawn, Dr. David Ley, and most recently Sasha Grey. She is also a registered Marriage and Family Therapy Associate based in LA and hosts a YouTube series called Staying On Top where she shares the latest sex facts, education, and research.

In addition to her podcast and work as therapy associate, Heidegger regularly contributes to The Stanford Daily, Vice, Playboy Radio’s Swing with Holli & Michael, Rebecca Zahler’s Don’t Waste Your Pretty podcast, Karen Lee Poter’s Sex Talk with My Mom, Dr. Wendy Walsh, and The Positive Results Corporation.

To learn more about Nicoletta, visit her official website at You can also follow her on Twitter at @MsHeidegger and @slutsscholars.


Mia Li’s “Don’t Fake it Till You Make It” Course Debuts at on November 11

APAC President and sex educator Mia Li lends her professional experience to teach a highly anticipated online course on improving pleasure communication this Saturday at

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Los Angeles, CA - Adult performer and sex educator Mia Li will be teaching “Don’t Fake it Till You Make It” this Saturday, a livestreamed course on improving communication in the bedroom.

“When I originally signed on at as a pleasure professional, I knew that the work I’d be doing would be geared toward dispelling the myths often perpetuated by pornography,” said Mia Li. “I’ve been working in adult film for four years and I’ve always known that content I was creating was entertainment and not education. Because there are such gaps in sexual education and stigma around having frank conversations about sex, I’m glad that exists to provide inclusive, pleasure-centered, and trauma-informed sexual education.”

Li’s class “Don’t Fake it Til You Make It” will be livestreamed on November 11th from 8pm-9pm PST. During the one hour class, she will discuss how societal expectations and limited models of sexual communication has led to a common practice of faking orgasms, as well as teaching sex language skills and self-exploration practices to combat sexual miscommunication. is building a shame-free space by offering pleasure education through live streaming and moderated chat. Visit their calendar to see a full listing of upcoming courses:

Mia Li is an adult film star, cam model, and YouTuber whose politics are greatly informed by her experiences in sex work. Her intersectional activism focuses on serving sex worker and LGBTQ+ communities. An active performer for four years, she is also involved in adult film advocacy—speaking out at local campuses, attending CalOSHA meetings in and out of San Diego, and serving as the current APAC president.

Outside of adult film, Li volunteers at local LGBTQ+ organizations and uses her unique platform on her successful YouTube channel to discuss topics like adult film, sex work, and sexuality. Additionally, she runs workshops on bodily ownership, sexual health communication, consent with medical professionals, healing from sexual violence, and the destigmatization of sex work. Follow her on Twitter at @LoveMiaLi.

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