Sex Talk with my Mom

Jupiter’s Slut Appears on ‘Sex Talk With My Mom’ Podcast


LOS ANGELES, CA - Humorist and adult star Jupiter’s Slut appears on the popular podcast, Sex Talk With My Mom. The episode is available for download at iTunes.

"It's a treat to get to talk with a mother and son sex-ed team! It’s crazy how families are born from sex, and yet we have such taboos we don't talk about sex. It actually keeps many of us from having the responsible conversations with our family members that we need to be having,” said Jupiter. “Comedy is one of the most effective ways to connect with others. ‘Sex Talk With My Mom’ uses humor in such a fun informative way, it's awesome. We discussed how I told my teenage daughter about my porn work, about the religious suppression that led to my sexual suppression, and about herpes. I love to talk about herpes. Getting comfortable talking about it, is the fastest way to shed the pain of social stigma around it.”

In the episode, Herpes, do you tell? 52-Week Masturbation Vlog Challenge, Jupiter discusses the reclaiming of her sexuality, conducting her 52-week vlog challenge documenting her weekly masturbation sessions, and her experience with herpes. The episode can be downloaded at iTunes at this link:


Jupiter’s Slut is a writer, humorist, and accidental porn star.

She prides herself on her fluency with two of the scariest words in the American dialect, math and porn.

She is best known for a personal masturbation research project that turned her into an indie feminist porn producer. She fell in love with producing her unique brand of comedic porn, she left her career as a middle school math teacher.

For the first thirty years of her life, Jupiter was math phobic and sexually repressed. Change in both areas of her life stemmed from stepping closer to her fears and the pursuit of joy. Through her work, she gives others the permission to play and the tools to become authors of their own lives.

Jupiter is the process of publishing her humor memoir, Masturbation Monday, to be released this summer. You can find out more about Jupiter at, Twitter @jupitersslut, Instagram @jupitersslutpower.

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