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Adult Star and Humorist Jupiter’s Slut to Speak at Catalyst Con Los Angeles


Los Angeles, CA - Adult star and humorist Jupiter’s Slut is heading to Los Angeles this week to speak at sex-positive conference, Catalyst Con Los Angeles.

“I’m thrilled and honored to be talking at CatalystCon. All women are safer when no women are shamed for their sexuality,” said Jupiter’s Slut. “Women are not only shamed for liking sex, they are also shamed for not wanting it. ‘Slut' and ‘frigid’ are both used to criticize women. Not wanting to be sexualized is valid too. That’s what one of my panels is about, legitimizing for platonic touch needs.”

Jupiter’s Slut will be speaking on two panels during Catalyst Con, De-Centering Arousal & Sex: The Platonic Touch Takeover and Super Sluts: Personal Narratives of Reclamation.

“I was still a virgin when I started thinking of myself as a slut,” she added. “Just knowing how much I loved making out was enough to get me thinking of myself as ‘The Virgin Slut.’ I liked to be touched sexually, and I knew that was bad. It took until my mid-thirties, to start clawing my way out from under all that shame and repression.”

“I dubbed myself 'Jupiter's Slut’ because Jupiter is a planet associated with expansion and growth," she explained. “And that's what I've done, I've become entitled to my own sexuality. Reclaiming the pejorative 'slut' is an act of heroism. That's why I think of myself as a Super Slut. I’m not the only slut out there doing amazing things to change the world. That’s why I organized a panel discussion at CatalystCon with a few other sluts to explore the wonders and vagaries of being a Super Slut.”  

For Super Sluts: Personal Narratives of Reclamation, Jupiter’s Slut will be joined by Jack HammerXL and Lola. See a full description of this session here.  

For De-Centering Arousal & Sex: The Platonic Touch Takeover, she will be speaking on a panel with Fei Wyatt and Janet Trevino. See a full description of this session here.

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Jupiter’s Slut is a writer, humorist, and porn star.

She prides herself on her fluency with the two scariest words in the American dialect: math and porn.

She is best known for a personal masturbation research project that turned her into an indie feminist porn producer. She fell in love with producing her unique brand of comedic porn, she left her career as a middle school math teacher.

For the first thirty years of her life, Jupiter was math phobic and sexually repressed. Change in both areas of her life stemmed from stepping closer to her fears and the pursuit of joy. Through her work she gives others the permission to play and the tools to become authors of their own lives.

Jupiter is the process of publishing her humor memoir, Masturbation Monday to be released Summer 2018. You can find out more about Jupiter at, Twitter @jupitersslut, Instagram @jupitersslutpower.