Woodhull Sexual Freedom Summit

Humorist and Adult Star Jupiter’s Slut to Speak at Woodhull Sexual Freedom Summit

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WASHINGTON, DC - Humorist and adult star Jupiter’s Slut is heading to Woodhull’s Sexual Freedom Summit this week to speak on the “More Than Sexy: Conundrums Faced by Feminists in Porn” panel. She will be joined by adult star and sexual health advocate jessica drake and adult star Jet Setting Jasmine.

“I am really looking forward to a discussion of porn and feminism at Woodhull,” said Jupiter’s Slut. “Porn is central to my identity as a feminist, producing porn has taught me a great deal about my sexuality. I’m entitled to my sexuality in ways I never would have been without producing porn, both in terms of safety and pleasure. For me personally, porn and feminism have been a potent combination, and I’m really looking forward to hearing about the experience of others. The more porn I produce, the stronger my feminist convictions have become.”


Co-panelist jessica drake added, “Being a porn performer, director, and producer comes complete with its own set of assigned stereotypes from society. I am also a feminist, educator, and activist. To some, those things cannot exist simultaneously, and I look forward to speaking on this panel and sharing my unique lived experiences.”

“Woodhull's Sexual Freedom Summit is an excellent and important outlet for dialogue and movement on the vast number of intersections that have an impact on feminism,” stated co-panelist Jet Setting Jasmine.

The panel, “More Than Sexy: Conundrums Faced by Feminists in Porn,” will be hosted on August 3rd from 9:00-10:30am in Plaza C at the Woodhull Sexual Freedom Summit in Washington, DC. The description reads:


How do you deal with sexism, when it’s your job to be sexy? How do feminists in porn deal with issues around propagating harmful stereotypes, unhealthy power dynamics, and body image? What do women in porn believe are their most effective tools for empowering themselves and others, and where are they still falling short? Hear personal narratives from different parts of the porn industry as they discuss their experiences of sexism and sexual liberation.

“It’s an honor to present at Woodhull Sexual Freedom Summit,” explained Jupiter’s Slut. “This will be my third year at Woodhull, it’s an incredible community of people who are passionate about their freedom and their sexuality.”

More information about the event can be found at SexualFreedomSummit.org.


Jupiter’s Slut is a writer, humorist, and accidental porn star.

She prides herself on her fluency with the two scariest words in the American dialect: math and porn.

She is best known for a personal masturbation research project that turned her into an indie feminist porn producer. She fell in love with producing her unique brand of comedic porn and left her career as a middle school math teacher.

For the first thirty years of her life, Jupiter was math phobic and sexually repressed. Change in both areas of her life stemmed from stepping closer to her fears and pursuing joy. Through her work, she gives others the permission to play and the tools to revise their lives.

Jupiter’s new book, Masturbation Monday will be released in Fall 2018. You can find out more about Jupiter at jupitersslut.com, Twitter @jupitersslut, Instagram @jupitersslutpower.