Sexual Improv: Kink on the Fly Workshop with Amberly Rothfield

Adult industry veteran Amberly Rothfield returns to San Francisco to teach as part of's educational series. This is the second time Rothfield will be teaching at Kink's Armory Tours.


San Francisco, CA – If a lover asks for dirty talk, but your tongue is left dry and fumbling for words…this can slaughter a sensual mood! After a packed workshop on how to talk dirty like a phone sex operator, adult industry veteran and educator Amberly Rothfield returns to San Francisco for her second workshop at's headquarters. For her upcoming class, Sexual Improv: Kink on the Fly, Rothfield is teaching how to be spontaneous in the sack verbally. Utilizing all of the senses, when it is time to get down is extremely important for those mind-blowing orgasms that we are always chasing.

“This class is unique in that it is audience directed! The audience chooses what my scene would look like,” says Rothfield, a 13-year veteran of the phone sex industry and dirty talk extraordinaire. “It is then my job to construct a sexual conversation from thin air. Think Mad Libs for kink. Doing this several times, I begin to show my process of keeping it sexy but keeping it fresh.”

The audience is implored to join in and make the scene as crazy as possible for Rothfield. Using a tinge of humor to take the fear out of smutty speech, she strives to keep the ambiance airy, informative and most of all, fun. The audio portion of sex doesn’t have to be just moans or groans but also what helps set that mental scene which catapults a play session. Being as sex is usually pretty much never scripted, this means having the skill set to continue with the scene with a strong presence can only heighten the pleasure for you and your partner.

“Being able to partner again with is not only an honor but unbelievable,” added Rothfield. “Working with them last time was so easy, professional and their platform is so wide-reaching! I hope to continue being able to offer workshops on how to work one’s voice into play settings effectively.”

The class will be held in San Francisco at The Armory Club on December 27,2018. Class does start at 7pm and goes to 9pm by a meet and greet following immediately after!

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Amberly Rothfield to Teach “Vocal Seduction: Tips from a Phone Sex Operator” at Kink Workshops in October

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SAN FRANCISCO, CA - Top-earning phone sex operator and educator Amberly Rothfield is heading to San Francisco on October 3rd to teach as part of Kink’s educational series at the Armory Club.

“It is truly my pleasure, nay HONOR, to work with and teach others how to find their own golden sexy voice,” says Amberly Rothfield. “Having worked as a top phone sex operator for 13 years, it has always been important to have sex kitten like vocals. This has translated well into my love life, obviously and being able to give that gift to others is truly rewarding!”

In the two-hour workshop, Vocal Seduction: Tips from a Phone Sex Operator, Rothfield shares her expertise as a 13-year phone sex operating veteran and Top Active Domme on Niteflirt. Attendees will learn how to find the tone and pitch of their natural inner seductive being, in addition to self-discovery and invaluable sexual vocal coaching.

The workshop will take place on October 3rd from 7-9pm at’s historic Armory Club in San Francisco, CA. The Armory Club is located at 1799 Mission Street, San Francisco, CA, 94103. Tickets for the one-time workshop can be purchased directly at Eventbrite.



Amberly Rothfield is a phone sex operator with over 13 years of experience and the top active Fem Domme on the Niteflirt Phone Sex/Cam platform. After building a very reputable business in the phone sex industry, Rothfield now teaches others how to create and grow a thriving business in phone sex, clip sales, camming, and porn. Her new website,, produces three videos a week and shares tips on how to improve your XXX business. She also conducts live classes once a week to answer questions from her followers. You can also follow her on Twitter at @AmberlyPSO.

Casey Kisses Appears on Kink’s TS Seduction with Tony Orlando

Las Vegas, NV - Award-winning performer Casey Kisses is a commanding and sexy presence in latex in her latest scene with Tony Orlando on Kink’s TS Seduction.


“Working with Kink is always an exciting experience,” said Casey Kisses. “This was my first scene working with Tony Orlando and he was such a pleasure to work with. His willingness made my job so much easier and that much more fun. He was playing the role of the typical arrogant prick, who was on the phone telling his friends about how his dick drives all the girls crazy. He was brought back to reality with a hard smack to his face. He was underneath me obeying my every command, knowing there would a strict consequence if he even so much as stuttered.”

In their latest scene on, Kisses is the perfect latex queen to put an arrogant Orlando in place. She reminds him that HER pleasure is all that matters.

“I bent him over and started fucking him hard, leaning into his ear whispering, ‘doesnt this cock drive you crazy?’” she continued. “The sex was so hot and I had so much fun with my dialogue, I’ve just been thinking of ways to impress my fans over at Kink the next time they have me over.”


Casey Kisses debuted in the adult industry in 2016 with Grooby Productions and since then has appeared in numerous scenes and DVDs for every major trans adult studio. In addition to her work as a performer, Kisses cultivated a loyal following on cam platforms, Chaturbate and Streamate.

In 2017, she co-won the TEA ‘Stroker of the Year’ Award with Korra Del Rio. Recently she was awarded the 2018 Top Trans Cam Model at the Adult Webcam Awards and scooped up the 2018 TEA Cam Performer of the Year Award alongside Korra Del Rio. Recently she was nominated for Fleshbot’s ‘Trans Performer of the Year’ Award.

Visit Casey Kisses’ official website at You can also follow her on social media on Twitter and Instagram @CaseyKissesxoxo.

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Hudsy Hawn Slated to Teach Class at the SF Armory this Saturday


San Francisco, CA - Renowned BDSM educator and Pro-Domme Hudsy Hawn will be teaching class tomorrow as part of’s educational offerings at the Armory in San Francisco, CA.

“I'm excited to be teaching a combination of two of my favorite classes at the Armory,” said Hudsy Hawn. “To get to be part of the history of their kinky halls of education (and right before they relocate) is truly a timely honor!”

Hawn will be teaching class on Saturday, February 3, at the’s historic Armory in San Francisco. She will be combining content from her T.O.Y.S. course with the Road to Domhood.

The Road to Domhood: How do you become a seasoned Top? Ask yourself, "WHY do I want to be a Dominant?" Figure out if your reasons are going to benefit not just you, but the people you play with.

Hudsy Hawn offers a follow up to her popular class, FemDom101. Not just a class for beginning Tops, Miss Hawn is opening up the invitation to all genders and roles.

From reading your partner to understanding BDSM checklists, safe implement use and scene precautions, Mistress Hawn will guide both Doms and subs through both the mental and physical aspects of safe interactive BDSM. Bottoms are encouraged to chime in as well.

ALL are welcome to attend as we work our way up and down the road to “DomHood."

Purchase your tickets to this class here:

Hudsy Hawn is a well-known TV and internet BDSM Educator, professional Domme, and Lifestyle Coach with 13 years of experience. She has appeared in Buzzfeed’s "The Try Guys TRY BDSM,” Playboy Radio, The Jason Ellis Show, Straight Talk with Ross Mathews, Cosmopolitan & Playboy, the E! Special “The Real 50 Shades of Grey,” and A&E’s Storage Wars. Visit her official website at or follow her on Twitter @HudsyHawn.

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Gangbang as Catharsis: The Reclaiming of Siouxsie Q in "The Red Bride"

After taking a brief hiatus from shooting to focus on advocacy work, namely the #NoProp60 campaign in California, Siouxsie Q returns to adult performing with a groundbreaking scene directed by Madeline Marlowe for Kink’s, which also stars Will Havoc, Tommy Pistol, Jon Jon, Small Hands, and Mark Wood.

Los Angeles, CA - Writer, activist, and adult performer Siouxsie Q celebrated her return to performing with a groundbreaking gangbang scene titled, The Red Bride, written by Q, and directed by Madeline Marlowe for Kink’s The piece was a collaboration between the two adult industry activists and incorporates many aspects of Siouxsie’s personal life. The scene is also the first shot by Marlowe beyond the walls of the Armory, marking a significant, new chapter for both.

“My team and I are film nerds at heart; anytime I am able to collaborate with performers on a narrative, the films that I make are more fun to create, and we always have lots of laughs and genuine passion on set. It all makes for a better film,” said director Madeline Marlowe. “In the end, we all feel like we really accomplished an amazing feat. And we did! People say folks fast forward through the story, yet I get so much fan mail from those who are interested in the narratives I present. To be honest, I wouldn't know how to make a sex film without detail, nuance, narrative and hoopla!”

“This is my first big shoot back after slaying the Prop. 60 dragon,” stated Siouxsie Q. “I love making porn, but I chose to focus all my attention towards politics for most of last year to ensure that we all could continue making it in the future without fear of state incentivized harassment.”

The Red Bride is directed by Madeline Marlowe and stars Siouxsie Q with Will Havoc, Tommy Pistol, Jon Jon, Small Hands, and Mark Wood. The collaboration was a cathartic experience for both Siouxsie and Marlowe, drawing from themes in Siouxsie’s life, their shared values of “whore power and femme supremacy,” and even using Siouxsie’s own wedding dress in the scene.

Marlowe added, “I make it a point to reach out to the women who will be enduring this whirlwind of controlled sexual chaos. Many of them have fantasies of takedowns, abductions, rough sex with multiple men, and being destroyed. They come to me because of my approach to this very brutal hardcore sex scene. After all, it is very hard to put together a gangbang in the real world that is safe and with people who know what they are doing; my sets allow this luxury. The women can feel safe to let go and know I am here in the end to catch them and bask in all their post-gang bang glory.”

Siouxsie’s wanted her return to the screen to be deliberate, serving as a significant marking point in both her professional and personal life. “Now that I am doing policy and advocacy 40+ hours a week with the Free Speech Coalition, I only have time and bandwidth to make a certain number of movies a year, so choosing projects where I get to have more creative involvement as I did with The Red Bride are very interesting to me,” she explained. “I had a great time working on the script for Grooby’s Real Fucking Girls directed by Mona Wales, and I've already begun work on the sequel.”

Madeline added, “Siouxsie came to me with an idea that was not only totally original, intriguing, taboo and sexy but she also wanted to bring a part of her personal life into the story as a way to heal. I was immediately on board. I don't think the public often sees or hears about the way porn can heal a person. Sometimes it heals the sex workers doing the work and sometimes it heals the observers. We are all human and sex--yes, sometimes very intense hardcore sex--can heal a broken heart, or serve as a symbol, a piece of art, a spell breaker or a reminder that we are all sexual beings and there is no shame in that.

“In Siouxsie's case it was her identity as a whore and almost losing that identity, but together through creating this art piece, we were able to bring her to a space that was not only sexy to watch, and definitely A+ jerk off material, but you watched a woman rise from the ashes more beautiful than ever before and that last orgasm of her writhing on the floor in her red-dyed wedding dress, disheveled and unabashedly taking what she wanted, well I can't think of anything more beautiful to witness.”

Siouxsie got her start in the business dancing at the unionized, worker-owned, Lusty Lady Theater in San Francisco, and has worked as a performer in adult films since 2010, garnering multiple AVN Award Nominations and a Feminist Porn Award. She has served as the Director of Policy and Industry Relations for the Free Speech Coalition, the adult industry’s trade association, since May of last year. She is also a playwright, singer/songwriter, journalist, and creator of The Whorecast, her hit podcast showcasing the diverse voices of the adult industry. She has lectured extensively on sex and sex work, and is regularly quoted and featured in the mainstream media, including CNN, USA Today, Cosmopolitan, Wired, Alternet, Buzzfeed, and Fusion. Her debut book, Truth, Justice, and the American Whore, was published in 2016 through 3L Media to rave reviews.

Follow her on Twitter @SiouxsieQJames or visit her official website at

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Ikigai Marketing + PR is owned and managed by award-winning adult industry veteran, Kristel Penn. She is currently the Marketing and Editorial Director at Grooby, the newly appointed Editor at Transformation Magazine, and sits on the Board of Directors for non-profit organization TAIF (Trans Adult Industry Foundation).

With nearly a decade of experience in marketing, brand strategy, and content creation in both mainstream and adult, she is the official publicist of triple threat AVN/XBIZ/TEA winner, Aubrey Kate, and performer, writer, and activist, Siouxsie Q.

Visit for more information. Follow her on Twitter @Kristel_Penn and @IkigaiMarketing.