APAC Launches Its First Peer-to-Peer Mentorship Program


LOS ANGELES, CA - APAC (Adult Performer Advocacy Committee) is proud to announce the launch of their Peer-to-Peer (PTP) Mentorship Program. It aims to provide adult performers with strong, professional one-on-one mentoring relationships to empower them throughout their careers.

“APAC recognizes that there is a wealth of knowledge in the performer community and the mentorship program was developed to be a medium through which that knowledge can be exchanged between experienced and new performers,” said APAC President Mia Little. “The APAC Peer-to-Peer (PTP) Mentorship Program was launched to provide new performers with mentors to support navigating the industry.”  

“This program is designed to provide new performers with supportive one-on-one mentor relationships that will help them throughout their careers,” stated APAC Vice President and PTP Mentorship Program founder Riley Reyes. “Many of us have benefitted from the advice and support of our more experienced peers. The APAC PTP program allows new performers to have access to that kind of peer-driven education.”

APAC Secretary Siouxsie Q said, “I know that much of what I learned about this business definitely came from my fellow workers. From how to prepare for your first anal scene, to navigating the stigma that comes with this work. My colleagues have been able to teach me what no sex ed class or book ever could, and I'm so happy that APAC is building a program to formalize one of the many ways that sex workers have helped each other survive for centuries.”

“It’s impossible to overstate the value on the benefits of experiential knowledge, especially in our business,” added Reyes. “The adult industry has unique challenges and hurdles, as well as facing immense stigma from the outside world. Only someone who has walked in your shoes is truly qualified to give you advice. Many people have informal mentorship relationships, but APAC seeks to create a group of trained mentors who are better-prepared to provide mentees with the resources and help that will set them up for success.”

Performer and APAC PTP Mentorship Program mentor Michael Vegas shared, “I wish I had someone who could have dispensed sound advice to me that I could call on when I was in uncharted waters in the adult industry.”

Mentee applications will be accepted from now until June 15th and can be submitted through the APAC website. Additionally, those interested in becoming a mentor can apply through the site. Peer mentors must have at least two years experience in the adult industry, follow a Code of Conduct as outlined in the APAC PTP Guidebook, and complete a two-hour in-person training. Mentor training will include information on the model bill of rights, the PTP Code of Conduct, APAC support resources, and non-violent communication methods.

APAC will be hosting a BBQ on July 1, 2018. It will be the first opportunity for mentors and mentees to meet in a casual setting as part of APAC’s larger community-building event. Exact location and time will be sent directly to those participating.


The Adult Performer Advocacy Committee (APAC) advocates to maintain and improve safety and working conditions in the adult film industry by giving performers educated and organized representation in matters that affect our health, safety, and community. APAC holds performer meetings the first Sunday of every month where performers can find community and express their grievances. Visit their official website at APAC-USA.com.

APAC, Lauren Phillips Join Forces for #SpreadTheLove Party in LA

FLyer SPread the Love FINAL_preview.jpeg

Los Angeles, CA - Adult performer organization, APAC, is teaming up with Lauren Phillips to host the first community-building #SpreadTheLove party on April 19 at Station1640 in Los Angeles, CA. The focus of the event is to cultivate unity within the adult industry.  

“Stigma is the greatest hurdle adult performers face,” said APAC Vice President Riley Reyes. “With our reliance on social media, we face that stigma and judgment head-on everyday through our screens. Cyber-bullying has a profound impact on adult performers. We live very public lives, and people’s words can have a lasting impact on our mental health and self-worth.”

The #SpreadTheLove Party is open to the public, with proceeds from the event being donated to EndCyberBullying.org and APAC itself for future projects. Hosted at Station1640 in Los Angeles, guests can enjoy musical entertainment from Frost Productions, with VIP tables and bottle service available for purchase.

The event is made possible with help from the following sponsors: Diamond sponsors Grooby and Lauren Phillips, Silver sponsors The Heaux Mentor, Kink.com, Spiegler Girls, Nexxxt Level, ATMLA, XBIZ, The Rub PR, Intimate, 1am Doll, and Clips4Sale. Spokesmodels for the party include Sunny Lane, Misty Stone, Cali Carter, Lauren Phillips, Brittany Amber, Natalie Mars, and Carmen Valentina. Tickets for the event can be purchased at this link: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/spreadthelove-tickets-44436281113?aff=estw.

If you are unable to attend, but want to support the cause, donations are being accepted through the Eventbrite link listed above.

Reyes added, “I am so excited about this event and all of the new initiatives APAC is pursuing. The funds from this event will help us provide so much support to performers in need: from our new mentorship program to mental health resources.”


APAC, also known as the Adult Performer Advocacy Committee, hosts a monthly meeting for performers to discuss important industry events, meet fellow performers, ask questions, and express concerns.They also offer free skill building workshops and educational materials for performers, host an online directory of industry-friendly professionals, and provide a voice for the adult performer community through political advocacy work.To become an APAC member or learn more about the organization, visit APAC-USA.com. Follow them on Twitter @Apacsocial.


Siouxsie Q Speaking on AEE Panel Today, Signing at AVN Booth


Las Vegas, NV - Siouxsie Q will be speaking on the AEE Seminar “Survey Says...” today, in addition to signing at the AVN Booth Wednesday-Friday.

“This week is like the World Series of Porn. It's my favorite time of year, and I love how our big family gets to come together to celebrate our success and lay groundwork for the coming year,” said Siouxsie Q. “So many new performers attend the expo from all over the world, and I want them to know that APAC and the community is here to hold them up and support them as they navigate this business, and the stigma that, unfortunately, comes with it.”

The “Survey Says…” seminar is at 4-5pm at Festival Hall C. Q will be joined by fellow panelists, Professor Constance Penley, Nina Hartley, and Ian O’Brien. The description is as follows:

As members of the adult community know, when journalists write about this industry they often get it wrong. Thankfully, some scholars have put in time and effort to really study this industry, producing studies of erotica, pleasure products and other aspects of the business. One group turned their attention on the AVN Expo and surveyed fans at last year’s event. They’ll discuss the results of the survey with a panel of industry insiders.

In addition to speaking today, she will be signing and meeting fans at the AVN booth at these times:  

Wednesday, January 24th at 6pm

Thursday, January 25th at 2pm

Friday, January 26th at 3pm

She will have merchandise and DVDs for sale, as well as information about APAC.

Recently elected to the APAC Board of Directors, Siouxsie wasted no time getting to work. She’s worked closely with the current board members to meet APAC’s outreach and recruitment goals for AVN, which include a social and livestreamed panel on Friday from 530-630pm.

Adult industry writer, performer, and advocate, Siouxsie Q, has been creating media about sex work since 2012 when she launched her popular podcast, The Whorecast. Since then she has written extensively for publications such as the San Francisco Weekly and Wired.com, and her first book Truth, Justice and the American Whore was published in May of 2016 to rave reviews. Pivoting to politics, she served as the Director of Policy and Industry Relations for The Free Speech Coalition from 2016-2017 leading the historic and winning battle against California Proposition 60 and further ensuring victory for adult industry workers in regulatory battles with Cal/Osha. She continues to write, teach, podcast, and perform regularly. In 2018, she was elected to the APAC Board of Directors. She was recently nominated for 2018 AVN Award for Best All-Girl Group Sex Scene for her performance in Adam and Eve's polyamory themed movie, Luck of the Draw.

Follow @apacsocial or @whorenexxxtdoor on Twitter and

@TheRealWhoreNextDoor and @apac_social on Instagram for updates and more info on how to get involved.

Siouxsie Q Campaigning for APAC Secretary


Los Angeles, CA -  Former FSC staffer, Siouxsie Q, is officially campaigning for Adult Performer Advocacy Committee (APAC) Secretary.

“APAC is an incredible asset to the adult performer community, and while they've already accomplished so much, I see tremendous potential for the future of the organization, and I hope to have the opportunity to help it grow,” said Siouxsie Q. “I care deeply about this industry and its workers. I love performing, but more than anything, I love the people that do this work. I’m proud of who we are, what we do, and at the end of the day, the diversity of voices, experiences, and perspectives that often threaten to divide us are in fact, truly what makes our community great, strong, and vibrant. We may never unite on every issue, but what we do all share is that this world sees us as second-class citizens, which is why coming together and organizing as a political force is critical for our community. I am committed to that fight.”

Q has been publicly endorsed by numerous individuals in the adult industry, including influential adult industry performer and speaker Jiz Lee of Pink and White Productions

and Mo Reese, who served on the FSC Board of Directors.

APAC members may cast one vote until January 15, 2018. The new board member will be inducted in January 2018 to complete the current 2017-2019 two-year board member term. Votes can be cast at this link: http://www.apac-usa.com/voting

Siouxsie Q’s spent her first days in the adult industry at the Lusty Lady Peep Show in San Francisco where she served on the Board of Directors as the Theater Coordinator for two terms. In 2012, she created The Whorecast, a podcast showcasing the stories and voices of people in the adult industry. She used her platform as a way to speak out about Proposition 35 and Measure B.  In 2014, she started a sex column for the San Francisco Weekly called The Whore Next Door, which highlighted issues of sex worker rights, sex positivity, and the LGBTQ community.

Q’s popular book, Truth, Justice, and the American Whore, was published on the same day she accepted a position as the Director of Policy and Industry Relations for the Free Speech Coalition in 2016.

Q added, “During my time with FSC, as their first staff member who was also an active performer, I was immediately tasked with mobilizing adult film performers to attend an important Cal/Osha hearing in February of 2016, and speak out against regulations that would have seriously compromised performer health, safety, and bodily autonomy. After a solid month of social media outreach and grassroots organizing, over 100 performers showed up to the hearing and spoke their truth, imploring the Cal/Osha Standards Board to listen to the workers who would be affected by the proposed regulations. In an unexpected plot twist, the state regulators actually listened to a group of impassioned porn stars and we won!”

Q was also instrumental to the adult industry during the #NoProp60 campaign in California. She traveled across the state, visited college campuses, did live television and radio debates against the opposing side, attended Democratic and Republican party conventions, and took the streets in Hollywood to organize over 200 adult film performers to protest against Proposition 60 weeks before the election.

“There was no stopping until we had won,” Q explained. “And we did. By over one million votes. Though our campaign had been outspent nearly ten to one, we changed hearts and minds around the world based on the sheer will of our community and power of our voices. Now, I want us to never forget that when unite and fight, we can change the course of history.

“It would be a great honor to serve on the Board of Directors for the Adult Performer Advocacy Committee. I plan to use my experience from the #NoProp60 campaign to increase involvement from the performer population and grow an active community of volunteers, activists, and leaders, along with a robust network of coalition partners and resources. I want to make sure each and every APAC member is informed, involved, empowered, and supported in their choices. I humbly ask for your vote, and also promise that no matter what, I’ll never stop fighting for and serving our community.”

Paradigm Net Media to Host VR Educational Workshop for APAC Members on July 9th in Hollywood

Paradigm Net Media, the adult industry’s leading VR consultancy group, will be hosting a free educational workshop for APAC members on July 9th at 8pm at Boardners in Hollywood, CA. Presented by industry veteran, Telly, the 1.5 hour presentation will cover a wide variety of VR topics for performers to help better prepare them for the growing VR marketplace.

Los Angeles, CA - Adult industry VR expert and content creator, Telly from Paradigm Net Media, is scheduled to present an educational workshop for APAC members on July 9th at 8pm at Boardners in Hollywood, CA. Hosted by APAC, the workshop is free to attend by APAC members and all active performers (performing in the last year) by signing up to join at the event.

"The goal of this seminar is to show APAC members that VR content creation is within their reach and how the methodology of minimal viable products coupled with Paradigm Net Media's ‘Three C's’ philosophy can help them create immersive experiences for their fans,” stated Telly, technology curator for Paradigm Media. “It is our belief that only through the market of diverse erotic experiences can we generate consumer confidence in VR as a profitable and viable long-term venture.”

The extensive workshop will cover important topics like current market trends and untapped content opportunities while explaining the philosophy of minimal viable products and how APAC members can create their own content using readily available hardware. Telly will outline new technologies in the marketplace, including YouTube’s recent addition of 3D180 to their VR offerings, and a general overview of Paradigm Net Media’s trials and tribulations in creating a workflow for achieving a concept they coin as the “Three C’s of importance” for VR: comfort, content, and clarity.

Telly continued, “We believe the best way to elevate the VR niche in porn is by sharing information and resources with others: what works, what doesn’t work, and the idea that success can be shared without dilution of profits. We’re particularly excited about the opportunity to present this workshop to APAC members, as we’re seeing more and more performers taking content creation into their own hands. We’d like to help create a more diverse content landscape in porn, which in turn, can potentially turn into higher profits for both VR producers and performers. We are very thankful for Ela Darling and everyone at APAC for allowing us this opportunity to converse and share with our industry friends.”

Press and general inquiries can be directed to kristelpenn@ikigaimarketing.com.

Paradigm Net Media, Inc. is a consulting company with a specialty in VR video content creation, post-production, digital product strategy, and B2B collaboration. Visit their official website at http://www.paradigmnetmedia.com.